The Unspoken The One They Left Behind

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I’m going to cry tears
9. November 2013

Taylor’s POV

I ran my fingers through my hair and looked out over the empty street. The world around me was at peace. I looked up to see the stars shining and looked down my street to see the school. I had lived in this small town since I was a kid, a small house with a big backyard. My friends lived ages away, and the only other residents of this street were either old or to young. I thought back to the day I had earlier, the slamming doors, the shouting and screaming. Not long ago I was fighting with my parents. My grades were dropping, I had been skipping classes, I had reached the point where I just didn’t care. I knew I didn’t want to go to university. Something about spending so many years of my life learning to get a ‘good’ job just didn’t sound right. Especially when to me, they weren’t good jobs. I would rather work as a tattoo artist and pierce people. I would rather have a fun, creative day job, while singing and playing guitar at nights. But then I remember, I live in New Zealand, who lives that kind of life over here?

“Taylor get back inside right now!” I hear my dad shout from the front door. Over and over again, all the lectures about how I am going to end up failing, how I am going to let him down let them all down. I looked at my phone to see the time, 9.02pm. Why couldn’t the inside of my house be as quiet as the street? Why couldn’t we all be at peace? Oh that’s right, it is because stopped caring.

I slowly walked inside; I gave my dad a quick fake smile before looking back down and heading to my room. I knew what he was going to say. He didn’t have to tell me, but he did. “Young lady, you are grounded!” I heard him shout at me as I slammed the door to my bedroom and jumping onto my bed. I looked up at the ceiling. I saw the posters of my favourite bands. A small smile tugged at the corners of my lips. If only I could meet them, if only I could be with one of them. They wouldn’t treat me like a child. They would understand. They would understand the pain of being different, the thoughts that run through my head at a million miles an hour. They would know what it is like to be an outsider in this horrible world.

I looked at the lead singer of my favourite bands smile. He is so perfect, Andy is so perfect. I close my eyes and think about that smile. I think about his voice, and the sound of him saying my name. This band is my saviour, they are the only reason I keep fighting. I know I sound like your average heavy metal teenage girl. But it is true; Black Veil Brides give me the strength to keep fighting.

“Taylor, lights off! Go to bed!” My dad shouts out at my again interrupting my thoughts. I sigh and quickly get changed before turning the lights off. As I sit down on my bed I pull my laptop onto my lap. I open it up and go on ‘Mibba’. Mibba being one of my favourite writing sites on the web. I slowly look through all my recent messages, all my comments and poems and grin. People really like my work on here. I think back to earlier this morning. During class I came up with an amazing idea on a fan fiction. It was an R rated fiction, a fan fiction that would contain lots of sex and not just the everyday kind, the kind that you could only dream about, the type of sex that would include whips, chains and hand cuffs. I could not wait to get started, so I pulled up Microsoft Word and I started typing. 

9. November 2013

Has it ever crossed your mind about what your favourite band does in their spare time? Have you dreamed that one day you would get a message from your favourite band member, and they really liked you? I bet when you were thinking about this, you thought on facebook, or tumblr or maybe even twitter? You never thought that they would actually see those fan fictions you write. The ones that go into great detail about the things you would do to them. They way you would kiss their lips, bite their neck and give them your heart. Well what happened if they did? What happened if you wrote some R rated fan fictions about the lead singer that you adore being your sex slave, what if you wrote that story and they saw. Well… What are you waiting for? Read on and find out what Taylor Grey does. Find out about her crazy, wild and romantic story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Black Veil Brides or any other band member that enters this story. However I do own Taylor Grey and any other original characters that will join in. This story is copy righted under New Zealand Law.

Author’s Note: This is a remake, I deleted the old version of this story and I have decided to change the story line. It still has the same ‘famous band reads your fan fiction’ type story line, but the back story about the author has changed. This story will also be posted to the Black Veil Brides fan fiction website and tumblr. Thank you for reading!

Decided to start writing fan fictions again :)